Blue Ox Tree Service provides the professional care that your trees need to give decades of beauty to your landscape and safety to your home. Please look below for a complete listing of our services.

  • Stump Grinding

    Tree stump grinding services can do a lot for a property. Few things are more cumbersome and and annoying than a giant tree stump in the middle of a yard. Maybe you suffered damage from a storm, termites, or simply needed to clear a tree to protect your home or powerlines. Whatever the reason, having a tree stump on your property can be annoying.
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  • Tree Care

    Lincoln tree care service companies aren’t created equal, so finding and selecting the right one for you and your home is a big decision. We here at Blue Ox Tree Service get that. You see, we understand that your home and property are a scared place where you and your story grow every year. Often times the trees on our property are an outward expression of our inner growth.
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  • Tree Cutting

    Tree cutting is an important part of home beautification and protection. From simple pruning to major tree clearing, Blue Ox Tree Service can help you cut and remove trees from your property for a variety of reasons.
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  • Tree Removal

    Tree removal can be a painful part of home beautification. Your trees may have been damaged by a storm, disease, infestation, or perhaps it needs to be moved because it is damaging your home.
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  • Tree Pruning

    Lincoln tree pruning service is a great way to maintain the beauty of your home while protecting it and your loved ones form damage or injury. As a resident of Lincoln, Nebraska you know as well as we do that we love our trees. There is something majestic and beautiful about having a tree growing on your property along with the many memories you have cultivated over the years.
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  • Tree Trimming

    Tree trimming does more than just beautiful a home, it also improves the health of your property, prevents injuries and property damage, and can help keep away insects and other issues.
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No matter what your need is, we can help.

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