Working With Blue Ox Old

Working for a LEADER

Blue Ox Tree Service is committed to providing the very best culture for its staff to grow, achieve, and succeed in their personal and professional live. In addition to the “traditional” benefits you’ll receive from working at Blue Ox Tree Service, there are many other advantages to working with our world-class team which include:

  • A safe, drug-free, fun and friendly work place.
  • A professional “Big City” arboriculture in Lincoln, Nebraska – “The Good Life”.
  • A great location to work and raise a family in the heart of the great United States of America.
  • The opportunity to work with a team in an outdoor environment which results in a unique daily experience.
  • A company with a full range of services, procedures and equipment to work with in a hands-on learning environment.
  • Degree programs in Pre-Forestry, Horticulture, and Turfgrass and Landscape Management at a Big Ten institution at UNL.
  • A career path to licenses and certifications, with home study sponsored by Blue Ox Tree Service.
  • The skills, licenses, and certifications you’ll earn and learn at Blue Ox Tree Service will travel with you wherever you go. We prepare you for your future!
  • Close proximity to the U of Nebraska-Lincoln campus’ world-renowned College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources that will prepare you to work anywhere you wish!
  • The experience of working with a variety of clients and on different types of jobs – residential, institutional, and commercial – not just “piecework” arboriculture, logging or mowing lawns.
  • A low cost of living area where your ‘dollar’ goes much further than on the coasts and a city that has some of the lowest unemployment in the US (in case your partner, spouse, or friends are seeking work too, but not in the ‘tree world’.


Email or call us TODAY with any questions you may have about arboriculture or what we do. If you’re ready to launch a great new phase of your life, simply download, print, and fill out our Employment Application. We look forward to connecting with you.