Tree Care After Storms – why call Blue Ox when bad weather hits

Snow, Ice, High winds and other severe weather events can cause serious damage to your trees. If not dealt with correctly, this damage can put the tree, you or your property at risk.

Entanglement with overhead power lines and falling limbs are the most obvious dangers that will be faced after storm damage and can be lethal – it is therefore important that you obtain a proper assessment of the situation by a Certified Tree Care professional to ensure that your trees do not place you or anybody else in danger.

What Blue Ox Can Do

In the event of severe weather damage, Blue Ox can help you pick up the pieces by;

  • Removing damaged or dangerous limbs
  • Salvage downed timber for firewood
  • Tree Removal

Why use Blue Ox?

Blue Ox is a team of caring individuals and we are professionals at what we do best – Tree Care.

Undertaking tree care work yourself could put you and those around you at considerable risk. If in doubt, call a professional. Call Blue Ox.